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Welcome to the Sport of Hunteering. A new and extreme outdoor pursuit. A man vs man hunting sport, with several disciplines.


This is an extreme game with elements from several sports, from hunting, orienteering and airsoft. Events last 2 days and rely on fieldcraft and woodsman skills that players learn along the way. Tracking , concealment, stalking, navigation and campcraft and marksmanship, are all the bread and butter of this niche sport.


Designed to push players and give them a massive sense of achievement. The main shooting disciplines are based around bolt actions rifles with limited ammunition.


The founders (6mm Hunters) have been doing this for 22+ years and combined have well over 80 years of experience.


Here is a video of the training discipline : KING OF FIELD. A tough stalk and shoot game for 2 or more players.

 Our old website provider went down, so we have setup a new page. It's a work in progress.... get on the forum for the latest information.



6mm Hunters are proud to announce their first Hunteering courses are now open. If you want to be one of the few; here is your chance. If you want details about attending please use the form to the left to ask for more information or look on the forum.


Good Hunting ;) 


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