Welcome to the new site and Blog.

Let me introduce myself. I am one of the 6mmHunters. My handle is "Phantom" and have been playing for 20 years. Since 2003 I have been involved in creating a new Outdoor Pursuit. We have incorporated Orienteering into Hunting; to create HUNTEERING.

The hunting of other equal opponents, sometimes with cameras, sometimes with Airsoft guns. Our games are based on endurance and being hardcore. We have always strived for a fair playing field and hard/rewarding gametype. There are several disciplines.

Now onto current matters...

Well our old provider wiped our website for no good reason. So we've started to build a new one. Join the forum to let us know what you want to see, on here.

I'm also thinking about the next event I've got a Field Hunteering game in a couple of weeks, so wondering which rifle to take. Considering my cheapo 370fps BAR10 due to the density of foliage. TM GLOCK 17 GBB is my standard pistol.

The ATP MED calculator says that if I use 0.30g or 0.29g SGM, the minimum safety range is only 15 feet (5m) so very usable up close. That suits the possibilities of close range contacts in summer months here.

More soon....